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This is a courtesy service provided by Lisa Kirkpatrick to the legal community, aimed at furnishing the necessary documents and data related to real estate issues within family law cases. You can find the list of complimentary documents available for order below.

For Court-ready Fair Market Valuation reports, a fee is applicable. Hence, we kindly request you to reach out to our office to initiate the formal valuation process. Our standard processing time for requested data typically falls within the 24-48 hour range. If your circumstances necessitate a quicker turnaround, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa directly at 813-220-3534. To commence the process, kindly complete the Request Form provided below. Thank you for considering our services.

- Grant Deed
- Deeds of Trust
- Legal Description
- Property Profile
- Fair Market Valuation
- Fair Market Rental Valuation
- Chain of Title- Other (Please specify what you are requesting

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